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Psychosynthesis is a 'psychospiritual' therapy, a way of seeing, in which we look at symptoms as deeper messages from the soul, asking to be recognised.

In therapy we can look at our childhood history and how it affects us consciously and unconsciously. We can become aware of how old patterns are limiting our ability to respond to life in the present; and we can find what our true purpose and potential is and how to live in alignment with it.

In doing this and coming to know ourselves better, we can have more satisfying relationships and live life at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, with an increasing sense of richness and renewal.

Psychosynthesis was evolved by Roberto Assagioli, a doctor and psychologist who was a colleague of Freud and Jung. Where Freud investigated the lower unconscious, Assagioli was also interested in the 'superconscious' or spiritual level of the personality. Thus he included in his healing work the development of a transpersonal self, through which we are in touch with purpose and meaning in our lives.