Psychotherapy & Counselling

Contextual Couple Counselling

Contextual Couple Counselling explores relationships within a psychospiritual context, looking not only at how your early experiences impact on your relationship, but also at how your relationship bears a meaning - a deep and purposeful reason you came together. Transforming relationship conflict and improving interpersonal communication.

We would look at and work on:

  • Transforming relationship conflict - Improving interpersonal communication
  • Developing the relationship potential - Understanding and embracing gender differences
  • Beginning to 'untangle' the relationship and appreciate how you both 'fit'
  • Understanding and embracing gender differences
  • Becoming sensitive to your coupledom & encourage partnership

Within the therapeutic space you can explore these or other issues in safety and confidentiality.

Once you discovered the deeper reasons for being together, it can help you to achieve greater understanding of your selves and each other, enabling you to either separate with clarity or live together in closer intimacy and fulfilment. One-hourly sessions are arranged with flexibility and take place depending on your needs as a couple (weekly/fortnightly/monthly).