Psychotherapy & Counselling

What does Psychosynthesis involve?

Sessions normally take place once weekly for fifty minutes, and are held at a regular time at the practice in Lots Road. There is an initial consultation, during which the therapist takes details, learns about the client's problems, answers queries and makes practical arrangements. During subsequent sessions the client may bring any issue he or she wants to talk about, and together we will explore it in different ways, sometimes using imagery or dreams, sometimes using bodily feelings, often simply talking.

When a problem has been opened up in this manner, it can often be seen from a fresh viewpoint which brings about change. Throughout, we hold that the client has his or her own inner wisdom which can be accessed to provide the answers needed.

The length of time necessary for therapy varies greatly according to the individual. Because Psychosynthesis can go deeply to the heart and soul of a person, it is not a 'quick fix', and the process usually lasts at least six months to a year or longer. However it suits some clients to have only a few sessions at less depth, in order to gain a new perspective of a problem, or talk through a particular situation