Psychotherapy & Counselling

Therapists Profiles

Laurence J. Duffy

Dip.Couns., Dip.Psych., MA (Psych). UKCP registered

I am a psychotherapist working in the field of individual counselling, psychotherapy, couple/relationship counselling, clinical supervision and parenting support.

My work,  life experience and professional training informs my belief in the process of therapy to heal the pain that people suffer, experience and live with everyday.  As people’s experiences are listened to and explored with empathy and compassion, they are supported to re-discover and nurture both old and new levels of confidence and wisdom to address their issues, questions and difficulties.

Much of what people bring to therapy, including depression, anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, addictions, relationship struggles, loneliness, loss, death anxiety, physical/emotional pain, grief, abandonment, to name but some, really do undermine people’s sense of well being and block them from living their lives as fully as they long to and realize their true potential.  

Therapy is a safe and confidential space to speak and be heard, to discover and explore ways to heal and change what is threatening, undermining and perhaps even destructive of physical health and psychological well being.  In the process of therapy, people are enabled to heal what is painful, change what is damaging and transform what is limiting in their lives. Thereby they can develop their own unique ability to live and function harmoniously in the world and in their relationships.