Psychotherapy & Counselling

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Marie O’Reilly

Dip.Couns., Dip.Psych., MA (Psych). UKCP registered.

I am a psychotherapist and I work with people in therapy to enhance their sense of well being and health through exploring the issues and experiences that are causing them pain and suffering. The purpose of this work is to develop a greater sense of self confidence, self worth and self value which enables people to make the changes in their lives, which  empowers them to fulfil their potential.

My training and practice is in the field of Psychosynthesis, which is a psychotherapy that is inclusive and holistic. It sees in each individual the interconnection of mind, body, feelings, sexuality and spirituality and that through addressing the issues that impact on one or more of these areas of our lives, we succeed in transforming and living our lives more fully.

Psychosynthesis is a ‘talking therapy’. And it is more. It includes the imagination, dreams and creative work such as writing, drawing, guided meditation. These are additional ‘tools’ that enhance the process of ‘talking therapy’ to empower people to transform what they are feeling into powerful energies for change. 

I come into this work from a background in nursing, midwifery and being a parent.  I have developed a particular interest in working with individuals and couples around issues that are experienced in pregnancy and child birth. These include trauma, panic, stress, anxiety, depression and related issues that people suffer and which can be transformed to enable them to live their lives and be the parents they long to be.  

Therapy is a sacred space and it is supported by good boundaries including confidentiality and respect. I am committed to honouring these boundaries and I am accredited by the professional body: UKCP.